Te Kohu Boutique Gallery

 Te Kohu Boutique Gallery – the name Te Kohu which means mist comes from our tīpuna (ancestor) Hinepūkohurangi. Our tīpuna Hinepūkohurangi is not only mystical but she is powerful and beautiful, she is a product of heaven and earth and is made of entirely natural elements. From the union of Hinepūkohurangi and Te Maunga at a placed called Ōnini in Ruatāhuna hence derived Nga Pōtiki the eponymous ancestor of the Tūhoe people known as Ngā Tamariki o Te Kohu                        (The Children of the Mist).

Te Kohu Boutique Gallery is a community initiative that aims to aspire and contribute towards building our local economy by utilising our local skills, strengths, talent and locally sourced resources to create purposeful products with a story to tell or based on our culture, beliefs and history that is then appreciated by others.
In the first instance Te Kohu is a physical store on site here at Te Tii Ruatāhuna. We are working to get Te Kohu products integrated into this website to enable online purchases of items! Te Kohu features products created by local talent living both in and out of Ruatāhuna.